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First boss down--GSB

johnsonrt04, May 1, 11 2:05 AM.
Good Job everyone.  We Officially downed the first boss in GSB.  We look forward to your future participation in upcoming raids.  Also on a side note, those of you that came with us but weren't in raiders status please get ready for the next run.  More than likely since we don't seem to have enough raiders on at a given time.  You will be placed in a stand-by list.  Who get's to come with us determines what we need.  If you managed to break 200 hit or focus and your dps is above 500 please notify officers so we can change your status to raider.  Makes it a lot easier for me to take a head count.  We are running parsers during these raids so if your not pulling your weight, I will ask that you go support roles such as healing, archon, bard, chloro or I will replace you with someone who can.  Please understand it is nothing personal. The only way we will progress is if everyone pulls their weight.  Also please be versatile when raiding.  Makes things go a lot easier and I don't have to ask you to leave.  Aside from that Thank you all for coming and we look forward to our next raid which will be on Wednesday May 4th at 6-630 server time (PST)

Greenscale Blight Sat

johnsonrt04, Apr 24, 11 4:16 AM.
All right folks we had a good attempt at the first boss.  However our dps was lacking a bit according to some of the parsers I've seen.  Throughout the week, Nath and I (Athren), will go through the list and update people to raider status should they meet the requirements.  The requirements being 200 hit and 200 focus.  It is also required that you know how to play your class.  Please inform any officer about any changes to your stats.  Officers can make notes which assist in promoting ppl to raider status.  At the moment we only have a few people raid ready.  We have been taking guildies with less hit and focus, which overall damages our efficiency at downing adds and boss.  We will make another attempt mid week.  I will be shooting for Wednesday.  The raid time will about 6 - 6:30 P.M.  Server time.  Please sign up.  Also if you sign up and you aren't raid ready it will be up to the discretion of the officers and raid leader to take you on board.  Thank you for your time.


Greenscale Blight

johnsonrt04, Apr 21, 11 12:23 AM.
Good Job everyone.  We didn't down a boss but we cleared the trash mobs leading to the first boss.  Which is pretty impressive.  That run was a all guild run. Guild Syria is our sister guild so we didn't have to pug our run.  As homework, people need to read up on or watch the vids on the bosses in Greenscale Blight.  We look forward to your participation on Saturday.  Please check event calender for info and for sign ups.  It will help determine roles and the number of people coming.  Also sign-ups get priority over those that haven't signed up.  


Here is link to an awesome video of the first boss Duke Letareus Duke Letareus Video


Akala Queen Follow-Up

NathairaRift, Apr 15, 11 10:10 PM.
Great Job everyone......full guild run and it was a howling success..thanks for turning up.


Teamspeak Donations

NathairaRift, Apr 13, 11 10:47 AM.

Hey folks we have been up and running with Teamspeak 3 now for about a month and it has proved very reliable and easy to use. With the guild growing in members and also with future events on the horizon we will be using it more and more.
Unfortunately its NOT FREE....and last month a few dedicated members donated to help with the cost of keeping it running. But alas the donation fund is empty and the bill for this months TS is due and the Guild Master like a lot of people has found himself a little short this month in the financial dept. So with that in mind we are calling on YOU..the dedicated members to help us out if you can.
At the top left of the home page of the website is a PAYPAL donation button for anyone to use to make a donation to help with running costs of Teamspeak. You dont need to have a paypal account to make a donation..there are several options to make a donation through Paypal. Every little counts..if every active member was to donate just $1 we would have Teamspeak paid for most likely the rest of the year. We have seen how the guild can rally together in game at times of trouble and strife on the battlefield and I am confidante that you can all do the same here and keep us all chatting merrily in TS for the foreseeable future.
The Guild Master and the Officers of Aeterna Requies thankyou in advance for your contribution and for taking the time to read this article.

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